How to get started?

Set the Bar

We will help you set the goal amount to be raised.


Each participant should gather 20 email addresses.


We send automated emails about your fundraiser.


Donations are tax deductible in USA!


Progress is shown on the fundraiser page, in real time.

How we do it?

Our 4 week program begins with a RaiZe Launch Event that is coordinated by one of our qualified RaiZe Representatives.

Your RaiZe Rep will describe the process of how each organization will participate in this fundraising event. We begin each launch in person, then the rest of the program will be carried out through our Website at The RaiZe Rep will then conclude the Razie at the end of 4 weeks and present the team a check for their earnings. 

  • 4 Week Program
  • RaiZe Rep at your service
  • Coordinated marketing
  • Campaign visuals
  • Instant payout

Most teams and organizations are either underfunded or not funded at all. That's where we come in.

We'll work closely with you to make fundraising a smooth process. No more stressing over travel, league fees, equipment etc.Stay focused on your team. Practice, improvement and competition should be your main focus. Not fundraising.


Time to RaiZe The Bar

Whether you an athlete, organization or a league - we will work closely with you or your staff to crush your fundraising goal!