Raize the bar

We focus on athletic/club teams that need to raise money for their specific goals.

Whether it is to earn money to travel to events, new equipment, or update facilities; the money gained through Raize can help any organization.

Our 4 week program begins with a Raize Launch event that is coordinated by one of our qualified Raize Representatives.

Your fundraiser will be launched virtually by your Raize Rep, where they will describe the process of how each organization will participate in their fundraising event. After the launch, the rest of the program will be carried out through the team's customized Donation page. The Raize Rep will then conclude the Raize at the end of the 4 weeks, and the funds will be transferred to the team.

About Us

How does it Work


Gold Package

  • Teams/organizations/individuals are able to utilize our custom virtual online fundraising platform
  • Custom 4 week long email blasts
  • Custom social media blasts
  • Team incentives
  • Earnings begin at 70% total donations, but can be RAIZED to 75% and even 80% based on participation and RAIZING THE BAR by following the instructions below
The Raize Rep will set the “Bar”

(the goal amount to be raised) based on the number teammates/participators and the demographics of the location of each specific Raize that is launched.

Each participant will be given their task

Once the Bar has been set, each participant will be given their task to retrieve at least 20 emails and input them into their customized Raize website, specific to only their team/club/organization. These inputted emails should be of people willing to donate to this specific team: relatives, friends, coworkers, local businesses, etc.

An automated email will be sent

An automated email will be sent to each individual describing the team/organization and their goal for using Raize. The individual will be able to donate any amount they desire to this specific team/organization safely and securely through the team website.

Incentives and encouragement

Participants will be able to input their emails throughout the duration of the 4 week long Raize, with incentives and encouragement made by the Raize Rep.


Progress of each Raize will be available to all participants and donors on their customized website throughout the Raize duration.


Upon completion of the Raize, the team/organization will receive a check with at least 70%, or even up to 80% of the total amount Raized!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email any of our RAIZE REPS directly or info@teamraize.com

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