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Thank you to all our donors, we RAIZED THE BAR and crushed our goal of $6,000!

Northwest Rankin Football Fundraiser

We are the Northwest Rankin Football Team and we thank you for visiting our page!

We know that these are strange times for everyone in the world. Due to the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) our team and league dealt with a major decision on whether we should play a season this year or not. But after careful consideration we have all agreed that for the growth of the sport throughout Mississippi we will be playing a season this fall. Due to the fact that our games will be played with only 25% of our fans in the stadium, and our local businesses are not able to donate food for our players, funding our football team will be extremely difficult this year.

Our athletes believe in our program, and dedicate their time and heart to be a part of it. We believe that our team can impact our community in more ways than just sports. We love our fans and supporters, and we look forward to bringing you back to our stadium to support our team!

Without the support from the community and YOU, our program won’t be able to to thrive. We are asking for any contribution that you feel led to donate. Any and all donations will be extremely helpful at this time and we look forward to giving back to our community by providing entertainment and leadership!

We understand after dealing with this worldwide pandemic, people all over the world are in tight situations. So if you cannot make a donation we understand, but we ask that you share this page via email or social media. If you can find room to donate then we are extremely grateful for your contributions. Thank you for visiting our page!

Help us RAIZE THE BAR by collecting $6,000 USD

Northwest Rankin Football Team



Your Contribution will be put toward:

-Upgrading weight room equipment

-New updated lockers

-Travel trailer for team gear

-Update/paint the field house


We also want to dedicate this fundraiser in honor of Coach Kelby Bowman. You will be missed.