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Flagler Immortalz 7 on 7 Football Fundraiser!

Hi, I’m Coach Cooks

First I would love to say how appreciative I am, for allowing  your kids this time with me during this short off-season!  For those who don’t know me, I’ve been coaching for a collection of 5 years.I’m 28 years old and I have a passion for developing kids talents while meeting them halfway with a common goal!  I enjoy explaining to them life principals, that the work you put in and the effort you display is half the battle! The rest is holding yourself accountable and accepting the standard that I’m going to be holding them to.

With these 7v7 events comes great opportunity such as:

  1. sharpens players’ passing, catching, and defensive skills
  2. keeps you in good cardiovascular shape and helps build the muscles you use most often playing football.
  3. puts kids in huge college towns and tours on major university’s (ie. University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida,  FAMU, University of Bethune, Cookman University, Santa Fe State College, to name a few)

7v7 is the fastest growing sport in America as we note today! College recruiters along with college fairs are presented on sight! Possibilities: colligate coaches can see your child make a rare play and find enough interest to invite your child out to a bigger camp! That gives your young man or young woman exposure no money can buy!

My dream is that these kids get seen by someone, small or big college, just that someone takes an opportunity on them and sees the important individual that we see in them!

I have more coaches joining forces with me! For now, they’re still in the play-offs of their respected seasons!

If there’s any questions, please feel free to call me! 386-282-3894 or email at flaglerimmortalz@gmail.com

You can find more information on 7v7 tournaments by simply typing “7v7 Football” on any platform of social media! I have asked all kids that has intentions on being a part of Flagler Immortalz to be at practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and history is what makes moments memories!! That’s what I want to do, and above all, put smiles on their faces every trip!

Coach Cooks,

Head coach, Founder and Organizer Of the Flagler Immortalz!


Help us RAIZE THE BAR by collecting $2,000 for Flagler Immortalz

Your Contribution will be put toward:

-Enthusiastic coaching

-High Quality Apparel

-Travel expenses for 7v7 tournaments

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