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[xtrm_headings style=”simple” subtitle=”Community Raize Available” title=”Let’s fundraise for community members, front line workers and healthcare staff.” description=”We believe that your local communities can make a difference for your upcoming season by coming together to Raize the Bar!

Raize primarily focuses on fundraising for athletic organizations; however, during this time of crisis around the world, we believe that healthcare providers require the most attention. In an effort to do our part, we would like to provide fundraising opportunities for hospitals, healthcare workers, and similar businesses WORLDWIDE. If you, or someone you know works in healthcare, please click HERE and we will be in contact with you for more information on how we can help you RAIZE THE BAR against COVID-19.” description_size=”description–big” btn_style=”a-btn-3″ button=”|||”]

[xtrm_headings style=”simple” title=”We hope and pray that everyone has stayed safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty in our world concerning to the pandemic of COVID-19″ text_align=”text-left” btn_style=”a-btn-3″ button=”|||”]
[xtrm_headings style=”simple” description=”As I’m sure you are aware, everyone in the world has been affected by the events that are happening currently, including us At Raize. Each member of our raise
team has had their own battles that they have faced.” description_size=”description–big” text_align=”text-left” btn_style=”a-btn-3″ button=”|||”]
[xtrm_headings style=”simple” subtitle=”We are all affected by Covid19″ title=”Let’s work together” description=”Here at Raize, we believe that no team,
club, business, or organization should have to suffer from the economic downfall that will be caused by this global pandemic. Seasons have been canceled, sponsors have withdrawn, and yet, salaries still need to be paid. Let us help you Raize your way out of this catastrophe. We desire to be the number one global fundraising platform for athletes to rebuild their program after this pandemic.

Dylan Reda CEO, was infected with this novel virus while in the Czech Republic in March 2020. He has then endured severe pneumonia in his lungs and was hospitalized for several days in Florida. He has made a full recovery, and his family has remained safe and healthy during this time. He would like to thank everyone for their love and support during this time.

Trent Johnson CFO, has had a different
viewpoint of this pandemic, as he is currently enrolled to become a doctor of dental medicine in 2021. Clinics have been shut down, classrooms are empty for all ages, and all healthcare workers have directed their efforts on slowing the spread of this disease as well as helping those in need. He has been able to volunteer his time to create COVID-19 tests at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Him, his wife, and their two dogs have remained safe and healthy during this time.

Cody Smith COO, has had his own journey
while located on the west side of the United States in California. As an athletic trainer, Cody relies heavily on interpersonal communication and contact while training. During this pandemic, Cody has suffered through a decreased amount of athletes while cities have been placed under ‘shelter at home’ and business have been temporarily closed. His business was not immune. He has had to resort to training people in his own backyard instead of the 2,400 sq ft facility that he is used to.

During these times of uncertainty, and as we continue into the future, we are conducting virtual Raize launches that will allow for a safe alternative to in-person launches.” description_bold=”true” description_size=”description–big” text_align=”text-left” btn_style=”a-btn” button=”|||”]

[xtrm_headings style=”simple” subtitle=”To get started, click the link below” title=”Stay focused on your community and let us handle the fundraising.” description=”Fill out the form and we will get in contact with you, discuss goals and get you on track to a successful fundraiser.

We are greatly looking forward to assisting you and your team!” description_size=”description–big” light=”true” description_light=”true” btn_style=”a-btn” button=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fteamraize.com%2Fsites%2Fraize%2Fget-started%2F|title:Get%20started||”]