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We are experienced fundraisers who know exactly what it takes to raise money for athletes. How? We are athletes.

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fundraising experience within the United States
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International American football experience with
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National Championship
About Us

Grow your program

Raize was created to be an easy medium for athletic programs to gain local recognition and support from within each specific club/organization. Here at Raize, we believe that the growth of your program comes from the local communities and the players within your program. We desire to streamline an easy, online platform for donors to support your program, while also giving back the most amount of funds possible, while incorporating your athletes in a fun and active fundraiser. Our goal is to Raize the Bar for your program from the youngest players all the way to your top national athletes.

About Us

Meet The Team

Dylan Reda CEO

1 (949) 226-4833

Dylan Reda is CEO of Raize. Dylan is currently looking to play and coach a season abroad to become more ingrained within the athletics within European countries. Prior to being named CEO of Raize, Dylan served as a fundraising expert for Vertical Raise and Snap Raise. During his time with Vertical and Snap, Dylan learned the intricacies of fundraising and how crucial it was for the growth of sports programs and clubs.

Previously he served as the defensive coordinator and played Linebacker for the Triangle Razorbacks in Denmark, leading the team to 3 championships in his tenure. During his time abroad Dylan noticed the extreme need for funding for the sport of American Football. The sport is still at an amateur-level and the teams rely on sponsors and the athletes to pay a yearly expense in order to play. This spurred the idea of Raize.

Dylan attended the University of Southern Miss, where he and Trent Johnson (CFO) became best friends. Trent took multiple visits to Denmark and saw the same need for funds within the European football community and thus they began the brainstorming of Raize.

Throughout Dylan’s career abroad he became great friends with Cody Smith (COO) who had a storied career within a multitude of countries. They began having in depth conversations on how to make a drastic change in the American Football Community and the idea of fundraising came up as a way to grow teams.

He is married to Lauren Reda where they live in Melbourne, FL with their beautiful daughter Leia (2 years old) and just welcomed their second child, Atlas, in December 2019. They are looking to move the family around the world as they help foreign teams Raize the Bar to success globally.

Trent Johnson: CFO

1 (901) 569-2175

Trent Johnson is the CFO of Raize. He is a current dental student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS, and will receive a Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry in May 2021. He is married to an amazing and encouraging woman, Jessica Johnson; and the two of them enjoy traveling the world and exploring the outdoors via hiking, camping, kayaking, longboarding, surfing, and all things in between.

Trent and Dylan Reda (CEO) became best friends while they played Division 1 American football at the University of Southern Mississippi together as linebackers. Trent visited Dylan as he played American football for the Triangle Razorbacks in Vejle, Denmark, and it became apparent that not only the level of play was different from the United States, but also their funding could use some improvement. It was from this assessment, that Trent and Dylan teamed up with Cody Smith (COO) with aspirations to create a company that could Raize the Bar for the entirety of European sports clubs and the world.

Cody Smith: COO

1 (619) 709-2250

Cody Smith is the COO of Raize. He is currently an athletic trainer in San Diego, California, where he trains professional athletes and all other athletes from all ages. Cody has played American football in Norway, Germany, and Poland where he also noticed the implications for more profound funding. His love for all sports inspired him to become an integral part to help Dylan Reda (CEO) and Trent Johnson (CFO) in order to Raize the Bar within not only his own business, but also sports worldwide.

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