Designed to help you RAIZE THE BAR!

We know what it takes to motivate teams to reach their fundraising goals. We will help you fundraise as hard as you train.


Team RaiZe

Designed for athletes, by athletes. We help sports teams and organizations raise money to fund their aspirations.

Set The Bar

We’ll work with you to set the “Bar” or goal amount to be raised, based on the participators and demographics.

Get The Word Out

Let us handle the fundraising planning and infrastructure. We’ll get the word out, follow up, and deliver payments to you.

Crush Goals

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We follow up, monitor results and work to make sure you are on track to meet your goals.

Don’t start another season,
without proper fundraising!

Fundraising made easy

In as little as 4 weeks you can complete all of your fundraising efforts.

About RaiZe

Stay focused on your team

Practice, improvement and competition should be your focus. Not fundraising.

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  • Raize was an awesome fundraiser and awesome company to work with. The Raize fundraiser was very easy, worry free, and the Raize guys kept us up to date on the results. We raised more than we ever expected with very little effort! Send in 20 emails and you’re done! They sent out the emails so we didn’t have to do anything. We raised $8000 with no effort! I would definitely recommend Raize for a fundraiser!
    Northwest Rankin High School
    Rankin County School District
  • Team RaiZe was great about communication and even built our landing page custom to our team. We exceeded our goal super fast. I loved that we had social media and a website landing page to help spread the word. Very easy and also hugely successful. Our season was awesome and wouldn’t have been possible without Team Raize.
    321 Savages
    7v7 Football
  • Our campaign was great success! I would highly recommend them! They will answer all of your questions, and really do everything in their power to help You and Your team meet Your goals and RaiZe the bar!
    Coach Zach Harrod
    AFC Prague Lions

We promise to fundraise as hard as you train. Contact us today to get started.